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Live Critiquing | Secret Insights | Posing masterclass & much more 


Get solid answers to all your questions and

have your pictures personally critiqued by Shmuel Diamond! 

(After Successful Registration you can upload your images using the Form given in the confirmation Email.) 

The live webinar will begin at 2pm EST


The Team

Solid answers to ALL your photographic questions from serious experience!



With nearly 20 years as a leading pro photographer and 10 years of photography teaching experience, you are in good hands


Resident Technical Expert

Josh will be on hand to answer all your equipment questions including cameras, lenses, flash equipment. He will also be answering all computer questions



Moderator & Co-Host

Leading business expert. Jo will be acting as the go-between to make sure everything runs smoothly



Resident Photography Expert

Rivka is our school administrator and an accomplished photographer in her own right. She will be here to answer any questions that SD doesn't get to


The Program

60 Minutes of inspirational ideas and practical advice

Help Us Create The Perfect Program

Once you enroll you will be directed to a questionnaire where you will be given the opportunity to vote for what you would like SD to cover in the webinar.

Image Critiquing & editing

Upload your images to be personally critiqued by Shmuel Diamond 

Every participant will be entitled to upload two personal images that SD will discuss and critique in his insightful and practical way! SD will also take a couple of images into Adobe Lightroom and show you how to take your images to the next level in minimum time. (Please note that we can not promise that your personal pictures will be reviewed).

Posing Tips & Tricks

15 minute mini-class on posing

SD will be presenting a mini-class on some aspect of posing. Once you enroll, you'll get a chance to vote on exactly what facet of posing SD will concentrate on.


Power Insights

Learn the VISUAL way!

SD will go through dozens of "before & after" images demonstrating everything from how to remove reflections in glasses to how moving your subject two inches to the right can make ALL the difference.

Business Mastery

Cash in on nearly 20 years of hard learned business lessons

As with the posing class, once you enroll, you will be given the opportunity to vote on the subject that SD create a short presentation on. 

Questions & Answers

Ask anything from focusing your camera to focusing your business to focusing your mind!

An open forum where you can take advantage of SD's comprehensive knowledge of everything:

  • Technical

  • Artistic

  • Logistical

  • Business orientated

  • And whatever else you can think of ;)

The Schedule

Sunday, January 24 @ 2pm - 3:00pm EST


Greetings and a word of introduction


Image Critiquing & Editing


Interview with Top Wedding & Portrait Photographer with 35+ experience Jared Bernstein


Power Insights and Top Shot Discussion


Questions & Answers



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M. Reiner


"Thank you so much! The webinar was so informative, engaging, and entertaining! I loved every minute of it! Everything is given over so clearly in such a positive way!

hiclipart.com (1).png

Hadassa L.


"The webinar was ttly amazing!!!! I gained so much and had so much fun!! thankyou to the ztp team for pulling this off as only you can!!!

hiclipart.com (1).png

R. Travis


The webinar was fantastic! It was hilarious, informative and a perfect way to brush up my knowledge on many different aspects of photography

hiclipart.com (1).png



"hey! yes this webinar was great!!!! for real, so not the promoting type - it was really fun being with over 200 photographers worldwide on one webinar:) can't wait to meet at the next webinar

hiclipart.com (1).png

H. Green


"This webinar was everything i was looking for plus more!!  It was chock full of advice, tips and so much more! Looking forward to many more

hiclipart.com (1).png

Y. Dolties


"The Webinar was brilliant and provided loads of relevant and helpful information in a very chilled out, fun and focused way - I can't wait for the next one!!!! Thank you!!!

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