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Quick Webinar Recap

   Welcoming word from SD

   Student Transformations of the week

   Uploaded Image Critiquing and Adobe              Lightroom edits

   Power Insights / Practical Tips & Tricks

   Inside a Master Photographers Head.                Watch the process to get the perfect pic!

   Q & A's



Shmuel Diamond

International Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Over 20 years of experience in professional photography

Trained more than 1000+ students Worldwide 

International Clientele

Done over 1000 wedding & Family Photoshooots


I am Shmuel, and I will be your personal coach throughout your Zero to Pro Master.Class! Journey. First of all, I would like to Congratulate you for watching/attending the complete Live Class above & yesterday.

This shows me that you are a dedicated person who is willing to invest in yourself and that you truly want to become a fantastic photographer!

So, let me tell you the backstory of this Masterclass and why I started teaching and helping students.

During my 20 years of professional photography, I have shot over 1,000,000 images professionally and over the 10 years of teaching photography, I have critiqued 10,000s of student's images.

I have found that in today's Internet world, because of the insane information overload, many people feel stuck and lost. Although there is endless information out there, there is ZERO proper guidance on what to do and what not to...


The result is hours and hours of learning and, in the best-case scenario, tiny incremental improvements in your photography! And it's getting EVERYONE down!


And NO ONE knows where to turn!

That was until now!


The ZTP Master.Class! cuts right to the chase. Over the years I have hacked away ALL the fluff and useless info that makes other courses LOOK more valuable but in truth overwhelms and sets back the poor students! The result is an extremely effective system that takes the student from ZERO TO PRO in the minimum amount of time.

Couple this super-systemized course with over 2 hours of personal critiquing by myself (just like you saw above at the webinar) and you have a fool-proof method to achieving COMPLETELY unimaginable results within 7 weeks!

Hundreds of our students have gone onto creating successful photography businesses of their own!


If you want to enjoy the refreshing success that ALL of our students are enjoying, I Invite you to enroll in my Zero to Pro Master.Class! and experience it for yourself. This amazing Transformation is TOTALLY within your reach!

And don't forget about our 110% money-back guarantee!

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Is the Only Photography Class you will ever need to Upgrade your Skills and become Professional Photographer in 7 weeks or less.

You always want to click amazing pictures which can attract people every time they ask you to click their photos.

But, you feel less confident, even if you have the best digital camera whether its your phone or DSLR.

Because the camera can improve only the Picture Clarity, it does not gives you the ability to make it alive, capture the emotions and feelings of that moment.

To make a picture feel like it is talking to you, you need to learn and master this art, which takes years for those who try to walk that path alone.

Easy to Implement Structured Class to take Anybody from Zero to Pro


In this today's Internet World there is too much-scattered information available out there which makes any amateur photographer Overwhelmed and lost in their career.

Whenever I meet or talk to any aspiring Photographer, everyone has the same problem that they don't know what to learn, where to start, how to improve, whether they are doing it right or not.

These are the most common questions/hurdles they face.


Because along with learning the technical aspects of a Camera like ISO, Shutter Speed, aperture, f-stops, etc.


There is so much to learn about the creative parts like choosing the best location or create your own, make the best use of Lighting, surrounding, frames, then editing becomes another headache for most people.

That's Why I have designed this Masterclass in such a way that you can not resist improving your photography skills to the next level.

After Learning each Module you will get a task to complete, on which i will critique and give you insights on how to improve and guide you along the path.

By Which even if you haven't picked a Camera in your Life you will be able to take and Create Amazing Pictures within 7 Weeks.

Foundational to Top Level Photography Masterclass

Now you don't need to spend money separately to learn each and every aspect of Photography.


With my Masterclass, you get to learn the Complete Technical and Creative aspects of photography all in one Place along with my Guidance and One on one Critiquing.

At each step of your journey, i will guide you and tell you how to improve your pictures what to do and what to avoid so that you feel confident and achieve the Professional level within 7 weeks.

Save your Years of Time and Money and Learn Actionable Practical Things rather than Learning Just Theory

Engaging and Best Live Class Sessions

Easy to Understand and Implementable Steps Direct from the Recorded Live Sessions of Classroom

Designed for Everyone

Whether you are complete beginner or want to take things to next level.

Live Critiquing

You will get more than 3 hours of personal Critiquing which will help you to Improve under my guidance

Lifetime Course Access

You can complete this Masterclass in 7 weeks and Get Certified and can Access the Course Lifetime 

Exceptional Money Back Guarantee

I am confident that you will not need this but to make your purchase more Peaceful, you are Backed by our 30-day money back guarantee

Life Changing Photography Class

Our Students are Consistently achieveing their desired goals in their Photography Career, MAny of them started own business and Happily serving to the Clients.

After 7 weeks From Now, You will be Able to 

Consistently Click Breathtaking Photos and Penetrate the soul of your subject!

Capture the Feelings, Emotions of Special Moments with kids, Birthdays, Anniversaries etc. 

Become Influencer on Social Media by posting Amazing Pictures which makes people amazed

Start your own Photography business and enjoy the amazing benefits of being your own boss!

Sell Bundle Images To Social Media Influencer or

Stock Image Websites​​​​​

Provide Professional Photo Editing Service 

And many more opportunities will present themselves to you once you acquire the priceless skill of


Today's Exclusive Price 


30-day money back Guarantee

Here is What You Will Master

Get out of the auto settings and feel truly comfortable shooting in Manual

How to compose images beautifully with basic and Advanced photography rules

How to photograph in different scenarios like family portraits, landscapes, Outdoor, Indoor and more

How to light your subjects with perfect natural lighting

Why and How cropping in close improves your photo tenfold

The one word that gives total clarity on focus, and the three conditions that when not present will make focusing your camera impossible.

A deep understanding of how Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO all interact with one another

Have your previous (mis)conceptions of the rule of thirds smashed down and learn the profound depth of this widely misunderstood fundamental law of every image

Learn the fundamental principle regarding exposure (that most people don’t know) that will give you instant clarity

The List goes on and on...

In short, the super clear and easy to follow classes coupled with the personal weekly critiques will get you from ZERO TO PRO in under 7 weeks!

So Get Ready to Experience a truly Breathtaking Transformation!

Here is Our Student's feedback


I have so many Testimonials to Show But I don't Want to bore you... Because i want to see your Transformation like this & I want One more happy Transformation story from You...

So Don't Just read Only Other's Success Stories create a one for You.

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30-day money back Guarantee

Take a look at Some of these Amazing Transformations of Students of Our

Photography School

Miriam M. from Jerusalem


Toby W. from new York


Malka B from Manchester


Ruchy F. From Jerusalem


Sarah D. from USA


Rivky P. from USA


Zehava R. from USA


Nechama M. from USA


Here is a Just a Selection of Some of Dozens of Our Students who have Started their Own Photography Business

photo businesses.png

I want to See your Business name in the above list,

So Join and witness this Amazing Transformation Class and create your Own Mark in Professional Photography

The Consistent Proven Results Which My Masterclass is Providing is Priceless.

But Still, if We Calculate, Then

For Today Only!

You are Getting

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Module #1: The Secret Ingredients

  • Chapter 1: Compositions

  • Chapter 2: The Key Elements

  • Chapter 3: The Final Elements

  • Class 1: Quiz Assignments

  • Class 1: Homework

  • Your Homework Review by Shmuel #1

Module #5: A Whole Lot Of Fun!

  • Chapter 1: Understanding Aperture

  • Chapter 2: Focal Length & Zoom 

  • Chapter 3: The Effects of Depth of Field

  • Chapter 4: The Four Rules to Minimize DOF

  • Class 4: Quiz Assignment

  • Class 4: Homework

  • Your Homework Review by Shmuel #4

Module #4: Think Slow, Fast

  • Chapter 1: Understanding Exposure & Shutter Speed

  • Chapter 2: The Effects of Shutter Speed

  • Class 3: Quiz Assignment

  • Class 3: Homework

  • Your Homework Review by Shmuel #3

Module #3: Post-Production Workshop

  • Introduction

  • Picasa: Logistics

  • LightRoom: Global Editing

  • LightRoom: Local Editing

  • LightRoom: Logistics

Module #2: Stay Focused

  • Chapter 1: Point of Entry

  • Chapter 2: Focus

  • Class 2: Quiz Assignments

  • Class 2: Homework

  • Your Homework Review by Shmuel #2

Module #0: Getting Started 

  • Introduction

  • Camera Buying Guide

  • ZTP Online Course Booklet

Module #8Cracking The Code To Perfect                         Family Posing

  • Course Booklet

  • How to pose your Subject

  • What to keep in mind?

  • Individual Portraits

  • Family Portraits

  • Group Portraits: Part 1

  • Group Portraits: Part 2

  • Common Posing Mistakes

  • Tips & Tricks Part 1

  • Tips & Tricks Part 2

  • Tips & Tricks Part 3

  • Tips & Tricks Part 4

  • Tips & Tricks Part 5

  • Tips & Tricks Part 6

Module #6Putting it all into practice - On                                     Location

  • On Location with Shmuel

Module #7: Bringing It All Back Home

  • Chapter 1: ISO & The Exposure Triangle

  • Chapter 2: Understanding Exposure

  • Chapter 3: The Effects of Exposure Triangle

  • Class 5: Quiz Assignment

  • Class 5: Homework

  • Your Homework Review by Shmuel #5

Module #9: Sunset Is My Favorite Color

  • Chapter 1: Focus Modes

  • Chapter 2: White Balance

  • Chapter 3: RAW & JPEG

  • Class 6: Quiz Assignment

  • Class 6: Homework

  • Your Homework Review by Shmuel #6

Module #10: Manual or Auto? That's The                            Question!

  • Chapter 1: Shooting Modes, Metering Options, Exposure Compensation & AEL

  • Chapter 2: Silhouettes, Comparable Exposure & The 3 Golden Rules

  • Class 7: Quiz Assignment

  • Class 7: Homework

  • Your Homework Review by Shmuel #7

Submit Complete Homework & Get




Today's Exclusive Price 


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30-day money back Guarantee

How can i Acces the Course ?

After making the Successful Payment you will get login access to the student's dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a camera and if so, which one do I need?

You for sure need a camera! A DSLR is recommended, as you will very quickly get frustrated by a fancy compact or bridge camera. Professional photographers generally fall into either Canon or Nikon users. SD shoots with Canon and recommends Canon, just like Ken Rockwell says "If you're starting out, go Canon today"- It's going to be complicated enough choosing which Canon camera to buy. You find the camera buying guide inside the masterclass.

How long do I have access to the course?

The content will be fed to you according to the curriculum over the course of 10 weeks. This is to help you organize your schedule so you can create some kind of structure for yourself. Once you have received access to a particular class, you will have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

Why can't I just learn photography on Youtube?

The problem with learning photography on Youtube is that the information has not be systemized for you. All the information is out there but unorganized information is usually worse than no information at all. Possibly the most amazing thing about this course is how the information has been structured and systemized. Each class builds on the next and the system that SD uses to teach each new concept is the same as the previous meaning that you will see it ALL come together in a magical symphony of information! ;)

Do I receive some kind of certification?

You will receive a certificate on completion of the course if you pass all the tests and SD grades your final family shoot with a pass

How can i Contact you if i need any help?

You can contact us from the Student's dashboard which you will get after enrolling or you can directly email us at info@zerotopro.online

Who is this course for?

This course if for people who know nothing about photography but are taking nice pictures on their phone and are interested in it. It is also for people who have been trying to learn photography but with little success. It is also for people who have been successful in learning but feel that there are holes in their knowledge. It is also for someone who is looking for a new direction to go in, like a new mother , or even grandmother ;) The chances are that if you are reading this it is for you ;)

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