Master the Manual Mode Even if you haven't picked Camera in your Life

Stop Relying on Auto Mode and Start Taking Amazing Photos the way you want

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Zero to Pro - Get it Straight

  • Get total Control on Your Camera and Express your Vision like a professional photographer
  • Use Your Camera the Way you want
  • Master ISO, Aperture, Focus, Exposure, depth, light and all Technical complexities of Camera and Photography Easily
  • Take jaw-dropping photos that leave your friends and family speechless
  • Use Your Camera in Your Favourite Settiings according to your Requirements
  • Fast Forward Your Knowledge, Skills and Success Using Our "Zero to Pro" method Rather than Relying on free video & save your Precious years of Time
  • Capture Once in a Life Memories as they are Still Alive
  • Proper Structured and Easy to Understand Lessons with Actionable Homework
  • Learn from the International Weddings and Portrait photographer - Shmuel Diamond, having more than 20 Years of professional Experience

30-day money-back guarantee

Our Students are Enjoying Using Camera in Manual Mode

The Zero to pro -Get It Straight! Photography Course was exactly what I’ve been looking for! Shmuel Diamond is an excellent teacher, showing you the essentials to photography in a clear and concise way. I learned so much about my camera, how to use it, what each and every button does, when to use the different functions for the application you are trying to achieve, and more.”

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Lisa Wells, Napa Valley, Northern California

"Over the years I have taken several beginner photography courses, but never got over my fear of “messing up” the camera or felt empowered to make setting choices on my own. Shmuel was the first teacher to hone the knowledge down to just what was needed for real understanding. He has demystified my camera, all the buttons and settings, and even how to think about the reasons to upgrade later to a professional camera."

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Cheryl Razmus, Portland, Oregon

"I’ve just completed the GIS Course in Photography by Shmuel Diamond and can honestly say it’s the best investment in photography I’ve ever made! I absolutely LOVED your course! It taught me more than the 2 courses I took at Sheridan College... NOW I get it!"

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Maria Gasiunas, Toronto

"When I first started the course, I had some experience in photography, after having done some courses and lots of practicing over the years. I really felt frustrated by some things that I could not figure out. I am SO glad I decided to take the course. All the information that I learned tied up all the loose ends, to a point where I feel extremely confident as a photographer."

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Tamara Friedman, Jerusalem

An Open Letter to All Photography Enthusiasts



Shmuel Diamond (International Weddings & Portrait Photographer)


The Aspiring Successful Photographer (You)

Let’s be honest…

You didn’t buy your expensive camera to take photos on Auto mode forever.

You know you’re smarter than your camera. So why let it make all the decisions for you?

Sure, the Auto mode will usually get you OK results… But why settle for just OK when you could be taking jaw-dropping photos that leave your friends and family speechless?

Now, if you’re like most people, you bought your digital camera because you wanted to take high-quality photos. And you wanted to capture the moments that really matter to you.

But you probably didn’t expect that your digital camera would be THAT complicated…

And frankly, I’m not surprised. Because that’s exactly how everyone starts.

Its Not Easy to Learn Manual Mode on your Own

I wasn’t always teaching photography to students all around the world…

I didn’t always have high-profile clients fly me out to do their Weddings and Portrait Photoshoots.


I certainly didn’t understand ISO, shutter speed, aperture, and f-stops when I got started.

So if you’re struggling with the technical aspects of your camera, you’re definitely not alone.

And frankly, it’s not your fault. Camera manuals are so complicated. And there’s nobody to show you how to correctly use your camera.

In fact, all students who come to my photography workshops don’t have the confidence to take their camera off Auto… Which is why they only get average photos.

So, in many ways, I was just like you. But here’s what’s different about my story…

I Learnt this the Hard Way

When i started, I didn’t even understand how to use a camera.

And as you probably suspect, pretty much all my early photos were a huge disappointment.

They were either too dark or too bright… And the subjects were often blurry or out of focus.

It took me years, just to understand all the Technical things of the Camera


and how and when to use those Camera settings in our favor to get Amazing results in different photography scenes like landscapes, portraits, etc.


because back then there was no one to guide me...

I tried everything on my own, failing to get the perfect shot, wasting money on unwanted expensive gears, cameras...

I had no idea what I was doing. I was a budding pro photographer but photography wasn’t clear to me.


I didn’t understand the SYSTEM of how photography works— there are rules to photography just as real as the laws of gravity.

And they seem to be a secret because nearly all the photographers I meet don’t seem to know them!

So over the years, I personally delved deeper into photography and mastered things on my own...

30-day money-back guarantee

Now Anybody can Achieve These Results

Whenever I found a photo I really liked, I always tried to understand what made it so special.

And over time I started noticing what the best photos had in common, even when their subject matter was totally different. I then tried applying these ideas to my own photos which gave amazing results.


And my photos were slowly getting better as I kept decoding the secrets and developed my Own Rules and Laws.


Taking photos was no longer frustrating. I no longer had to guess how a particular photo would work out.


That’s because I knew exactly what to do to make my photos stunningNow, here’s the good news…


You too can become an excellent photographer not too long from now. Even if you think you’ve tried everything, you can experience huge improvements in next to no time.


I started to formulate all the rules into a simple system that bypassed all the unnecessary technical jargon.

People Started Approaching me and A System Began to Emerge

Everybody started noticing my Work and Started Approaching me for photography advice, and I tried to help them as much as I could.


Because i don't want people to struggle too long like me.

I shared the techniques I’d discovered through years of trial and error. And everyone who used these techniques saw huge improvements to their photography almost overnight.

I Started doing International Weddings and portrait Photoshoots for my Clients in Canada and the USA and Regularly Serving Domestic Clients in Israel.

During This, I have Mastered The Systems and Started teaching Aspiring Photographers to help them become Zero to pro in Weeks rather than Spending years on Learning just one Aspect of Photography.

These Weeks Long Workshops Cost between $2000 to $5000.

Now here is the Best Part.

Students of My workshops were Getting Amazing Transformations, they Started Seeing The Results from day one...

Before Coming into My Workshop They Were having lots of Questions And Confusions into their Mind and they wanted the Answers of Following Questions:

  • I know what shutter speed is, but how exactly is it affected by ISO?

  • Aperture, shutter speed and ISO all seem to be related, but how?

  • I know how to focus my camera, but how is focusing affected by my shutter speed and depth of field?

  • I know what aperture is, but what is its connection to shutter speed?

  • I know if I change one of them, I need to change another but which one and by how much?

  • What’s the benefit of changing my shutter speed over my ISO or aperture?

  • When do I change which setting?

After Getting into My Offline Workshops in my studio at Jerusalem, they were getting answers of Every Single Question and was learning things quickly.

With my help they get there in a week and mastered the camera in 7 weeks or less… While I had to spend 10 years figuring it out through trial and error.

I’ve made every possible mistake and discovered every photography trick out there. So I know exactly what works and what doesn’t… And that’s how I can shortcut their learning by years.

While my workshops are expensive, they usually sell out at least 3 months in advance.

30-day money-back guarantee

How you too Can Start Taking Amazing Photos on your Own

You have 3 Options to Do this:

Option #1:

You can keep asking questions to pro around you or take help from unorganised free video trainings on Internet.

Spend years trying to figure things out on your own through trial and error, and analyze thousands of photos without getting any insights to improve.

Recommended for: People with too much Free Time 

Option #2:

It is so much Faster and easier to learn from someone who's done this all before.

Now you could Travel to learn from me in My studio in Jerusalem to attend my Photography Workshops.

But of course, not everyone can spend thousands of dollars on tuition fee and airfare, drop everything they’re doing for a week, and fly to a location to learn photography.

I certainly didn’t have that kind of money when I was starting out.

But I still remember how hard it was to learn everything… And how I could have saved 10 years of trial and error if there was someone who showed me all the pro techniques.

This is Recommended for: People with too much money and extra Time

Option #3:

Recommended for You Today

I wanted to create an easier option for people who want to improve their photography in a fraction of the time I had to spend…


And who don’t want to invest thousands of dollars.

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Get it straight digi bundle.jpg

Recommended for: People with Smart Mindset, People Just Like You

This Single One Time Investment You will do Today will be your

Best Investment in 2021!

30-day money-back guarantee

A system that has helped hundreds of people GET IT STRAIGHT!


Until now it has only been available to handful of students in Jerusalem and at a very high price!

I’ve taken all the practical shortcuts and hacks I’ve discovered during my 20-year career as a professional photographer and more than 10 years of teaching experience alongside…


And packaged them into this quick-to-complete online course.


My team and I have spent nearly two years converting this proven system of learning photography into an amazing online learning experience just for you!

It is so logical and has been so refined that quite literally anyone can use it to get to a pro level within 7 weeks or less.

I wish I had access to this when I got started. It would have saved me 10 years of struggle!

Take a look at Some of these Amazing Transformations of Students of Our

Photography School

Miriam M. from Jerusalem


Malka B from Manchester


Ruchy F. From Jerusalem


Sarah D. from USA


Rivky P. from USA


Zehava R. from USA


Nechama M. from USA


30-day money-back guarantee

Just Imagine

  • ALL the technicalities worked out so you can concentrate on the subject and have some fun!

  • Shooting in manual and only needing to think about ONE variable because all the others have been answered by a set of simple rules that you learned

  • Finally understanding your confusing camera, and knowing exactly how to control it to get the results you want even in the most challenging photography situations

  • Recognizing countless unique photo opportunities everywhere you go… even if you live in an ordinary suburban neighborhood

  • Feeling worthy of your expensive photography gear and knowing that it’s worth taking your camera with you because your photos are so beautiful

  • Feeling confident about your photography because you know exactly what to do to get the results you want – even in low light, indoors or when your subjects are moving quickly

  • Getting amazed looks on your friends and family’s faces when you show them the photos you just took (and the endless stream of likes when you post them on Your Social Media Profiles)

  • Learn a series of questions and rules (in depth, but with ZERO fluff) that will allow you to know with absolute certainty what to set your shutter speed, aperture and ISO to in every situation. What to set your white balance to.

  • What focal length to use. What focus mode to use. When does it make sense to use an automatic mode. You will learn just how SIMPLE photography can be

  • Having an in depth understanding of Camera settings, so that you can spend your time taking beautiful photos instead of endlessly tweaking your camera

And you’ll experience all of this within just 7 weeks or less.

You’ll Be Taking Outstanding Photos With
The Camera That You Already Have

Some people think that buying expensive gear will make them better photographers, and that’s what camera manufacturers want you to think.


But even the most expensive camera won’t make you a better photographer, just like buying an expensive pen won’t make you a better writer.


But I will show you how, with the most basic DSLR camera and lens, you will be able to CONSISTENTLY capture amazing images (Nearly all of my students are shooting with Canon Rebels and entry level Nikons)

In fact, the only guaranteed way to improve your photos is to learn how to control the camera that you already have. And that’s exactly what you’re going to get when you sign up today.


I will show you how much more than being armed with fancy equipment is being armed with the correct knowledge!

Now, if you’re like most of my students, you have tried to master your digital camera before.

And you probably got frustrated because at some point the technical details were just too difficult to understand.


It happens all the time, and it’s not really your fault because…

Most Photography Trainings are Just too Complex and not Systemised

If you’ve tried to understand your camera before, you know exactly what I mean…

Most photography books, camera manuals and even online courses use complex terminology as if you were supposed to know it all before. No wonder it’s so hard to learn photography…

But in My Zero to Pro - Get it Straight Course you will learn everything in a easy to understand English along with examples.

So that even if you’re starting from scratch, and haven't picked camera in your life, you will see amazing transformation in you.

What Makes Get it Straight Different and Amazing Course to Learn Digital Photography

  • The information is highly systemized with each new element introduced according to the same rules as previous elements. This allows the student to develop a completely structured and interdependent system of knowledge within their mind

  • Lifetime Access to the Course so that you can refer it anytime to get your answers.

  • This course has been crafted over that time in front of real students allowing SD the ability to refine the content, his method of delivery and all the example images to ensure the most effective teaching in the shortest time possible!

  • One minute reviews at the end of each chapter helping further in the digesting and retention of the information

  • The classes are filmed in front of a live class giving the student an immersive and authentic learning experience

  • Homework assignments for each class specifically designed to help the student come to a total and practical clarity

  • People with Any Level in their Photography can join and Get Clarity on Various unheard concepts developed by me and fast forward their transformations.

Your camera isn’t rocket science when it’s explained using everyday language

Get it Straight Course Fits your Schedule

Now, it may seem like you need to free up weeks or months of your time for this course.


And indeed, that’s what you’d have to do if you were to take an in-person photography course.

But I know how busy life gets, so I created this course with busy schedules in mind.


All lessons are prerecorded and they’re available online. There’s no need to show up at a particular time.

You can complete the course in 7 days, 7 weeks or 7 months. 


But it is designed in a way that if you take one lesson each day and do practice along with given assignments then you will complete this course under 7 weeks.


You’ll keep lifetime access to everything, so you can always take a break and come back later when you have more time.

And when you want to revise the material, all the lessons will be available even years from now.

You can take this course from your computer, tablet or smartphone, which is really convenient when you want to try out specific photography techniques while being away from home.


30-day money-back guarantee

Here is Our Student's feedback

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Phil Steel Review gis.png

If you Enroll Today

You will also Get Free Access to

Exclusive Bonuses worth $196, which will Enhance Your Skills Multifold

Bonus #1

Cracking The Code To Perfect Family Posing

Cracking the Code box shot.jpg

Worth $119 (Free For Today)

The definitive guide to individual, family and group posing! 2 hours of high value, ultra practical content which will help you to:-

  • Learn how to pose your subjects in a natural and flattering way.

  • Learn how fundamental the laws of composition are in posing you subjects. 

  • Learn how to be confident with your subjects and establish rapport.

  • Learn how to emphasize your subjects positive features and how to de-emphasize their negative features.

  • Learn posing concepts and techniques for women, olders girls and younger girls.

  • Learn posing concepts and techniques for men, older boys and young boys.

  • Learn fundamental concepts and indispensable tips on posing small, medium and large families.

  • Learn fundamental concepts and indispensable tips on posing children with their parents, brothers and sisters and couples, both happy and romantic.

  • Learn fundamental concepts and indispensable tips on posing all kinds of groups— small, large, just men, just women etc.

  • Learn the most common posing mistakes and how to quickly fix them.

  • Learn over 50 tips, tricks and ideas for when you are on the shoot covering everything from how to get kids to smile, men to laugh and mothers to cry etc.

  • And lots more...

Worth $119 (Free For Today)

Bonus #2

Scouting The Perfect Location

scouting location gis box shot.jpg

Worth $77 (Free For Today)

Join SD for a 45 minute tour of a local Jerusalem park with his 8 year old daughter armed with nothing more than a Canon Rebel T5i ($500) and the Canon 50mm f/1.8 ($125).


Besides all the invaluable tips and tricks that are inevitably shared, just watching a world class professional photographer using a $600 kit is priceless! 

Shot at midday with a patchy sky, the shooting conditions were tricky to say the least. Watch how SD skillfully uses his years of experience to work with what he’s got to ensure gorgeous pictures nevertheless.

This course is the perfect companion to the Get.It.Straight™ course, seeing everything that you learnt put into practice in taxing conditions with the most basic equipment.


  • Learn how to scout for photographically beautiful locations when all the elements are against you.

  • Learn a simple, little known trick to completely eradicate annoying flare from your pictures.

  • Learn what kinds of plants and greenery make for the perfect frames. 

  • Learn how by maneuvering into the right angle you can turn a boring scene into and exciting one.

  • See how SD chooses the most unlikely of locations because of the quality of the light.

  • And lots more...

Worth $77 (Free For Today)

Ironclad No Questions Asked

30-Days Money Back guarantee

You will be covered with Our 30-day 100% Money Back Guarantee.
Purchase Zero to Pro - Get it Straight today in complete confidence, because the risk is all on us.
If you are not satisfied with Get it Straight for any reason, then just email us at and we will refund your entire money.
So, Investing Today is 100% safe and Risk-Free and loads of VALUE.

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Zero to Pro - Get it Straight

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So, make sure to grab this opportunity with no risk involved.

Imagine Right Now

  • How it will feel When you will be Clicking Breathtaking Pictures from Your Camera and Will be Able to Amaze the People Around You.

  • Taking intimate, unforced portraits in once in a lifetime moments such as anniversaries, weddings and birthdays

  • Imagine the Number of people you will be able to Influence Using your Professional Photography Skills

  • Staring at your photo in wonderment when you capture a bird in mid-flight with its wings perfectly frozen in time

  • Capturing the reason your pet melts your heart and preserving their memory for years to come

  • Preserving your most precious memories with beautiful, natural-looking portraits of your children and grandchildren as they grow up and get older over the years

Moments like these are what makes life worth living. 

But unless you can reliably capture such moments with your camera, you’ll have to rely on your memory to preserve them.

And from my experience I can tell you that over the years your memories get less and less detailed… Important details start to fade… And in the end they’re completely forgotten.

If you really care about your family, you’d do almost anything to keep these memories…

And mastering photography is the only guaranteed way to keep them forever

All Because you Decided This Day to take Necessary Action.

Just Do it 


I will See you Inside The Program

To Your Success

Shmuel Diamond


Today Available at One Time Payment of

Just $57


Free Bonuses worth $196

Click Here to join at Just $57

(This Discounted Price is available only for today)


30-day money-back guarantee

If you’re not 100% happy with Get.It.Straight! For any reason, just let us know and we’ll refund your payment immediately. All you have to do is send an email to and you’ll get all your money back within 48 hrs.

So, make sure to grab this opportunity with no risk involved.


Here's Exactly What you Will Discover in Zero to Pro Get it Straight

Class One

What Are The Secret Ingredients?


In this class you are introduced to the 10 graphical elements that create the basis for amazing imagery and the one key element that when missing renders the picture irrelevant.


  • SD will reveal to you the most simple yet profound laws of composition using the best example images giving you total clarity and a depth of understanding that you would never believe possible!


  • Learn the 10 graphical elements that make the image taste “delicious”.

  • Learn the one element that EVERY image MUST contain to make it a “successful” image.

  • Receive clear instructions and examples of 6 homework assignments that will help you further digest this classes ideas and concepts.

Class Two

Stay Focused!


In this class you are introduced to the three major elements that impact the composition of an image and the fundamentals of focus.


  • Learn the simple, yet never spoken about topic of the point of which your eye enters any given image and what a vital role it plays in holding the composition together.

  • Have your previous (mis)conceptions of the rule of thirds smashed down and learn the profound depth of this widely misunderstood fundamental law of every image.

  • Learn why and how cropping in close improves your photo tenfold.

  • Learn the one word that gives a clarity on focus that you could never have imagined and the three conditions that when not present will make focusing your camera impossible.

  • Receive clear instructions and examples of 4 homework assignments that will help you further digest this classes ideas and concepts.

Class Three

Think Slow, Fast!


In this class you SD begins to reveal the SYSTEM that will give you the clarity that you have been dreaming of! You will be  introduced to the concept of exposure in general and shutter speed in particular.


  • Get totally clear on what exactly exposure is. SD leaves all the confusing tech talk at the door and begins to build his unique SYSTEM in simple, down to earth language.

  • Learn the fundamental principle regarding exposure (that most people don’t know) that will give you instant clarity!

  • Learn how simply shutter speed “fits” into the SYSTEM that you will begin to see unfold before your eyes.

  • Watch as SD breaks down shutter speed into two simple components (relationship to exposure & effect) that will give you a breathtaking clarity as to the what, how and why of shutter speed.

  • SD will reveal to you the “magic number” that will make sure that your pictures are always pin sharp.

  • Learn the “steady stance” that will ensure pin sharp images.

  • Receive clear instructions and examples of 5 homework assignments that will help you further digest this classes ideas and concepts.

Class Four

A Hole Lot Of Fun!


Building on the SYSTEM that was introduced in class three, SD demystifies aperture & depth of field and begins tying the ends together. At this point you will be thoroughly excited as you see the SYSTEM coming together before your eyes, or more accurately, between your ears ;)  


  • Just like with shutter speed, SD also breaks down aperture into two simple components (relationship to exposure & effect) alluding to the deep connection between shutter speed and aperture.

  • SD introduces you to focal length (aka “zoom”) with super clear examples and shows you how it affects more than just how cropped in you go.

  • Prepare to have the “full frame sensor” and “crop frame sensor” conundrum solved in a just a few moments— Using as few numbers as possible but not compromising any depth of understanding.

  • Learn why as you zoom in with the more basic lenses your aperture changes, even when you don’t want it to :(

  • Learn the two words to add onto “Depth Of Field” that completely demystify  the entire concept and tie it together with focus

  • Learn the four rules (in the correct order) to minimize your DOF that will give you the maximum blur in your background.

  • Find out how aperture is NOT the most important factor that determines your DOF and how this is probably the biggest misconception in photography!

  • Finally SD reveals to you the “Door Analogy” that seamlessly binds together shutter speed and aperture that will leave you breathless as you suddenly realise just how clear everything has become!

Receive clear instructions and examples of 3 homework assignments that will help you further digest this classes ideas and concepts.

Class Five

Bringing It All Back Home


In this class SD adds the final touches to complete the entire SYSTEM that he has constructed in your mind, step by step, during the previous classes. Everyone gasps when they experience that “aha” moment when it all comes together! This lesson provides the clarity every photographer longs for but very few ever achieve!


  • SD introduces the final part of the puzzle — ISO. Again, splitting it into two simple components (relationship to exposure & effect), SD seamlessly places ISO into the SYSTEM that he’s built in your mind until now!

  • At this point SD reveals to you the six words that he refers to as “portrait photography in a nutshell”. In these six words are the answers to every question you have regarding what to set your shutter speed, aperture and ISO to.

  • SD takes the door analogy that he used in class 4 to explain the relationship of shutter speed to aperture one step further and shows how ISO is just as much a part of the puzzle.

  • You are then guided through a complicated looking table that will demonstrate to you, first hand, that you are now crystal clear on the exact relationship between shutter speed, aperture and ISO. You will JUMP WITH JOY at this point!

  • SD now demonstrates the above table by taking two pictures with totally opposite settings and achieves the exact same exposure but with totally different effects. The feeling of satisfaction at this moment is indescribable! It is at this point in the course that you will be able to say “I fully understand photography”.

  • Receive clear instructions and examples of 2 homework assignments that will help you further digest this classes ideas and concepts.

Class Six

Sunset Is My Favorite Color


Now that you have the SYSTEM down it’s time to discuss some other important ideas and concepts—Namely Different focusing modes and when they are useful, white balance and how simple it really is and finally the big question—RAW or JPEG.


  • Bypassing all the unnecessary fluff, SD hones in on the two primary systems used to focus your camera and clearly explains, with plenty of poignant examples, what they are and when exactly to use them.

  • Chapter 2 of this class deals with everyone's least favorite subject—White balance. But within a few moments SD reveals the 3 rule system that he developed that he personally uses at the highest commercial level. This simple system avoids ALL the unnecessary suffering usually associated with the topic. You could never have imagined how simple WB could be!

  • In the following chapter SD discusses the RAW v JPEG dilema. He presents the arguments for both sides, tells you exactly what he does and them recommends exactly what you should do. To hear such clarity and decisiveness on the topic is a total breath of fresh air!

  • Receive clear instructions and examples of 4 homework assignments that will help you further digest this classes ideas and concepts.

Class Seven

Manual or Auto? That Is The Question!


This final class ties up the few remaining functions, concepts and techniques that will make a difference to your photography. Auto (although shunned by most) has its time and place. SD discusses what that time and place is. Other topics discussed are silhouettes, the rules for selecting your background and then SD reveals his “Three Golden Rules” to commercially viable portrait photography—a simple mnemonic that you will carry with you always!


  • SD quickly and relevantly explains the difference between Av (A on Nikon), Tv (S on Nikon), P and M and reveals the trick of AEL that turns the Auto functions into useful options in the right situation.

  • The different metering modes and exposure compensation, potentially complicated concepts, are simplified and demystified, and as usual SD explains exactly how and when these functions have a practical application.

  • Learn exactly what a silhouette is and how you can quickly and effortlessly obtain one using your AEL button.

  • Learn the two immutable rules that make finding the perfect background as easy as 1-2-3.

  • At this point SD takes you full circle and closes the course by revealing the “Three Golden Rules” that will have you taking perfect pictures of people every time!  

Receive clear instructions and examples of 5 homework assignments that will help you further digest this classes ideas and concepts.

So Here is What Everything You will Get Today When You Sign up For

Zero to Pro - Get it Straight

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So Today you are Getting:

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Generally Priced at $587

Available today at 90% Discount

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Generally Priced at $119 + $77

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30-day money-back guarantee

If you’re not 100% happy with Get.It.Straight! For any reason, just let us know and we’ll refund your payment immediately. All you have to do is send an email to and you’ll get all your money back within 48 hrs.

 So, make sure to grab this opportunity with no risk involved.

How can i Acces the Course ?

After making the Successful Payment you will get login access to the student's dashboard.

How can i Contact you if i need any help?

You can contact us from the Student's dashboard which you will get after enrolling or you can directly email us at

Who is this course for?

This course if for people who know nothing about photography but are taking nice pictures on their phone and are interested in it. It is also for people who have been trying to learn photography but with little success. It is also for people who have been successful in learning but feel that there are holes in their knowledge. It is also for someone who is looking for a new direction to go in, like a new mother , or even grandmother ;) The chances are that if you are reading this it is for you ;)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a camera and if so, which one do I need?

You for sure need a camera! A DSLR is recommended, as you will very quickly get frustrated by a fancy compact or bridge camera. Professional photographers generally fall into either Canon or Nikon users. SD shoots with Canon and recommends Canon, just like Ken Rockwell says "If you're starting out, go Canon today"- It's going to be complicated enough choosing which Canon camera to buy. You find the camera buying guide inside the Class one.

How long do I have access to the course?

The content will be fed to you according to the curriculum over the course of 10 weeks. This is to help you organize your schedule so you can create some kind of structure for yourself. Once you have received access to a particular class, you will have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

Why can't I just learn photography on Youtube?

The problem with learning photography on Youtube is that the information has not be systemized for you. All the information is out there but unorganized information is usually worse than no information at all. Possibly the most amazing thing about this course is how the information has been structured and systemized. Each class builds on the next and the system that SD uses to teach each new concept is the same as the previous meaning that you will see it ALL come together in a magical symphony of information! ;)