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Click Breathtaking Images which Provokes Emotions and Make Pictures Alive

Supercharge Your Photos and Evoke Emotions, Feelings and Thoughts by Using Just Natural Lines, Shapes, Colors, and Surpass the Crowd of Amateur Photographers Instantly

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(Lifetime Digital Coure Access alongwith Free Bonus PDF Coursebook)
  • Get total Control on Emotional Expressions of Photographs you Click
  • Fast Forward Your Knowledge, Skills and Success Using Our "Zero to Pro" method Rather than Relying on free video & save your Precious years of Time
  • Capture Once in a Life Memories as they are Still Alive
  • Use Natural Lines, Shapes and Lights the Way you want

Zero to Pro - The Art of Photography

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  • Capture the Natural Lights in your Favour and make your Pictures Alive.
  • Take jaw-dropping photos that leave your friends and family speechless
  • Learn from the International Weddings and Portrait photographer - Shmuel Diamond, having more than 20 Years of professional Experience
  • Master the Art of Creative Photography and Become a Pro Photographer by learning the Secrets of Professionals

Master the Art of Using the Natural Color, Shapes Lights in your Pictures in less than 59 minutes


Creatively use the Natural Lines as a Frame

Learn about the the three primary straight lines - Vertical, horizontal and diagonal and the different experiences they cause in the one looking at them!

Learn Easy Rules of Shapes

Different feelings you experience when you look at a triangle as opposed to a circle.

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Colors Make it Appealing

Learn what the difference is emotionally between looking at red and blue and how to harness the corresponding sensations to improve your photos

Combination Makes it Awesome

Learn about the two kinds of opposite textures and what they do to us.

See it all come to together with amazing examples that demonstrate these simple truths over and over

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And a Lot More things, which will Change the way you look at locations around you

An Open Letter to All Photography Enthusiasts



Shmuel Diamond (International Weddings & Portrait Photographer)


The Aspiring Successful Photographer (You)

Let’s be honest…

Photography is not just about buying a DSLR camera and learning technical Aspects of it.

A Great photo comes out of that camera only when you understands and use the natural things like lines, shapes, textures colors etc, creatively....

Nowadays it is so easy to just click a normal High Quality Image using any Camera which might be of good quality but lacks to connect with people


but What makes a Professional Photographer Different from others is the Ability to Make Pictures alive by evoking the emotions, feeling and thoughts.

and to Click Thoughtful images you need to take care of various creative things.

Its Not Easy to Click Appealing Pictures

20years Back in my early days of photography,


When i had the best camera of that time, but still i was unable to click pictures that can make someone say wow!

I was constantly trying to figure out "why my pictures doesn't looks appealing".

I spent many years mastering the technical aspect of photography like how to use camera manually,


Thinking that now i would be able to click photos which connects with people's thought and express emotions

But i was wrong, i was a budding pro photographer but my photos doesn't have the wow factor or my pictures were not looking to be alive...

I learnt this the Hard Way by facing Failures and Criticism

I was constantly trying and Striving to change things for me.

I faced many criticisms from people around me saying that "anybody can take these normal pictures, having just a big camera will not make you a photographer"

These were the things that pushed me to change,

I figured out things on my own, failing and improving every day 

This took me some years more but things started to become better,

I was able to click pictures that everyone adores,

During my journey, I found that by taking care of some simple things like shapes, lines, textures, and lights anybody can bring feel and emotion into their photos...


I have made a system which anybody can follow and master The Art of Photography...

During my 20 years of professional Photography career i have mastered the System and has delivered 1,00,000+ stunning pictures to my clients,


which people love to see and memorise their feelings as they are fresh in their minds.

Anybody can Learn to Be Creative and Become Pro in Photography

Around 10 years back when i was an Established myself as an International Weddings and Portrait photographer.

People around me Started Noticing My work and was seeking my help to make their Photos Noticeable.

Then i started teaching people and helped them to become Pro in photography and the results were amazing.

Take a look at few Examples of Students of My Photography SchoolBelow:

Nechama M. from USA


Zehava R. from USA


Malka B from Manchester


Ruchy F. From Jerusalem


Sarah D. from USA


Rivky P. from USA


I have made this Proven System of Capturing Stunning Pictures into a Systemized and Easy to Follow System 

Which Anybody can Follow and get the Same level within minimum amount of time possible.

You don't need to spent years to figure out what's working and What not.

You will just have to Follow a Proven Mehtod and Rules which professional photographers uses and i have revealed all Those Techniques inside my Course.

That course is Called As:

Zero to Pro - The Art of Photography

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(Lifetime Access to Digital Course + Free PDF Course Book)

Join me on a deep and profound one-hour journey into the mechanics of the image.


Over the years, SD has systemized his knowledge of how graphics create and manipulate emotions.


He has formulated the rules into an easy-to-understand formula that makes for a blow-away class!

In short, what kind of graphics do what kinds of things to us?

This class is truly amazing! Professional photographers, who have been shooting for 25 years, have sat through this class and been totally blown away by the content.

Generally $89
Today $0 (For a Limited Time)
Use Code: FGY368

30-day money-back guarantee


Ironclad No Questions Asked

30-Days Money Back guarantee

You will be covered with Our 30-day 100% Money Back Guarantee.
Purchase Zero to Pro - Get it Straight today in complete confidence, because the risk is all on us.
If you are not satisfied with Get it Straight for any reason, then just email us at info@zerotopro.online and we will refund your entire money.
So, Investing Today is 100% safe and Risk-Free and loads of VALUE.

How you too Can Start Taking Amazing Photos Which can Make an Impact on People

You have 3 Options to Do this:

Option #1:

You can keep trying and clicking pictures everyday then analyze them and spend years of precious time in learning at your own.

Recommended for: People with too much Free Time 

Option #2:

It is so much Faster and easier to learn from someone who's done this all before.

Now you could Travel to learn from me in My studio in Jerusalem to attend my Photography Workshops.

But of course, not everyone can spend thousands of dollars on tuition fee and airfare, drop everything they’re doing for a week, and fly to a location to learn photography.

I certainly didn’t have that kind of money when I was starting out.

But I still remember how hard it was to learn everything… And how I could have saved 10 years of trial and error if there was someone who showed me all the pro techniques.

This is Recommended for: People with too much money and extra Time

Option #3:

Recommended for You Today

I wanted to create an easier option for people who want to improve their photography in a fraction of the time I had to spend…


And who don’t want to invest thousands of dollars.

Zero to Pro - The Art of Photography

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Recommended for: People with Smart Mindset, People Just Like You

This Single One Time Investment You will do Today will be your

Best Investment in 2021!

30-day money-back guarantee

A system that has helped hundreds of people master the Creative Side of Photography.


Until now, it has only been available to a handful of students in Jerusalem and at a very high price!

I’ve taken all the practical shortcuts and hacks I’ve discovered during my 20-year career as a professional photographer and more than 10 years of teaching experience alongside…


And packaged them into this quick-to-complete online course.


My team and I have spent nearly two years converting this proven system of learning photography into an amazing online learning experience just for you!

It is so logical and has been so refined that quite literally anyone can use it to get to a pro level within 59 minutes or less.

I wish I had access to this when I got started. It would have saved me 10 years of struggle!

Just Imagine

  • You’ll Be Taking Outstanding Photos With The Camera That You Already Have

  • How it will feel When you will be Clicking Breathtaking Pictures from Your Camera and Will be Able to Amaze People Around You

  • Capturing Once ina lIfe memories as they are alive.

  • Recognizing countless unique photo opportunities everywhere you go… even if you live in an ordinary suburban neighborhood

  • Imagine the Number of people you will be able to Influence Using your Professional Photography Skills

  • Feeling confident about your photography because you know exactly what to do to get the results you want from the locations you have in front of your eyes.

  • Getting amazed looks on your friends and family’s faces when you show them the photos you just took (and the endless stream of likes when you post them on Your Social Media Profiles)

  • Preserving your most precious memories with beautiful, natural-looking portraits of your children and grandchildren as they grow up and get older over the years

  • Having an in depth understanding of How the Lines, shapes, lights and textures all combines to make an amazing picture

And you’ll experience all of this within just 7 weeks or less.

What Makes Art of Photography Different and Amazing Course to Learn Creative Side of Photography

  • The information is highly systemized with Live Examples of photographs and refined in such a way that you get what you need to focus upon to master the art.

  • Lifetime Access to the Course so that you can refer it anytime to get your answers.

  • You get FREE PDF Course Booklet which you can refer anytime so that you don't need to take notes and you can revise things when you are out on photoshoots on Remote Areas with No Internet.

  • This course has been crafted over that time in front of real students allowing SD the ability to refine the content, his method of delivery and all the example images to ensure the most effective teaching in the shortest time possible!

  • This Course is the Output of my more than 20 years of professional career and more than 10 years of teaching Students and help them achieve their goals in weeks.

  • The classes are filmed in front of a live class giving the student an immersive and authentic learning experience

  • People with Any Level in their Photography can join and Get Clarity on Various unheard concepts developed by me and fast forward their transformations.

The Course is Explained in a Easy to Understand Simple Englich Language

So Don't Miss Today's Special Offer:

Get Instant Access to

Zero to Pro - The Art of Photography

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FREE PDF Course Book Included

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30-day money-back guarantee

If you’re not 100% happy with The Art of Photography For any reason, just let us know and we’ll refund your payment immediately. All you have to do is send an email to info@zerotopro.online and you’ll get all your money back within 48 hrs.

So, make sure to grab this opportunity with no risk involved.

Here's Exactly What you Will Discover in Zero to Pro Get it Straight

  • Class #1: It will be All About Understanding Colors

  • Class #2: It will be Understanding the Concept of Shapes

  • Class #3: You will get to Know the Lines and How to use make perfect Angles

  • Class #4: Use Different Textures to make Pictures adorable

  • Class #5: Use and Master the Brightness and Contrast to bring pictures to Life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can i Acces the Course ?

After making the Successful Payment you will get login access to the student's dashboard.

How can i Contact you if i need any help?

You can contact us from the Student's dashboard which you will get after enrolling or you can directly email us at info@zerotopro.online

Who is this course for?

This course if for people who know nothing about photography but are taking nice pictures on their phone and are interested in it. It is also for people who have been trying to learn photography but with little success. It is also for people who have been successful in learning but feel that there are holes in their knowledge. It is also for someone who is looking for a new direction to go in, like a new mother , or even grandmother ;) The chances are that if you are reading this it is for you ;)

Why can't I just learn photography on Youtube?

The problem with learning photography on Youtube is that the information has not be systemized for you. All the information is out there but unorganized information is usually worse than no information at all. Possibly the most amazing thing about this course is how the information has been structured and systemized. Each class builds on the next and the system that SD uses to teach each new concept is the same as the previous meaning that you will see it ALL come together in a magical symphony of information! ;)

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